Juice Cubes

1.75.00 for Android

Connect and squeeze delicious fruit cubes!



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Juice Cubes is a 'match three' style puzzle game developed by Rovio (Angry Birds, Bad Piggies) where you have to connect three or more cubes of the same type of fruit to convert them into juice and make them disappear.

The game has more than 180 different levels, each with a new puzzle for you to solve. Luckily, you can recruit your Facebook friends to help you through the tougher challenges, or you can face off against them.

If you manage to connect more than three of a kind, you can earn different power-ups and other explosive surprises. These items are sure to help you beat some of the game's more complicated levels - because of course as you advance through the game, things get more and more difficult.

Juice Cubes is basically a copy of Candy Crush, substituting cubes of fruit for candy. Gameplay is pretty much identical as well, as is its colorful visual style (although here it is a little more polished).
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